Going Dutch ’24
Already nearly two years have passed since the last Going Dutch in 2022. During that event we had a poll to which area many of you wanted to return. It was obvious. And now we are happy to announce that after 10 years we will return to the area around the Frisian Lakes. We have found another venue, close to Koudum where we stayed in 2014, and close to one of the eleven cities from the world famous eleven city ice skating race. Friesland is also well known for its picturesque towns along the former seashore and many lakes, canals and historical flat bottom sailing ships.

We managed to keep the cost low, and have found a family run campsite where we will have a large field to put up our camp. In the neighbourhood there are many holiday parks, B&Bs etc, where you can stay if you don’t want to camp. At the field there will our traditional buffet on Friday and BBQ on Saturday. We have got great ideas for some runs along some of these eleven cities (no ice skating though), UNESCO heritage sites and car museums. And we can’t do without a Dutch quiz and a British raffle.

The GD2024 event will take place in the province of Friesland. We’re welcome at ‘De Jerden’ campsite located near the (fortified) village of Sloten. The dates are set from thursday May 23rd till monday May 27th. For more information on the campsite, please take a look at the Venue.

The GD’24 prices are listed in the table below, please note that these prices only refer to the event admission and dinners. Fees for accomodations or a pitch at the campsite will be charged by the venue.

1. GD2024 Event admission and information package
€ 25.00per registration (1 package per registration)
2a. Pitch at the campsite (suitable for campervan, caravan or tent) incl admission to the event
Prices available directly at De Jerden
2b. Admission fee for the campsite, in case you arrange your own accomodation somewhere else
€ 5.00per person for the whole weekend, (from 12 years and older)
€ 0.00per person, for the whole weekend (age under 12 year)
3. Dinners
€ 22.50Buffet & BBQ each per person (from 12 years and older)
€ 0.00Buffet & BBQ each per person (age under 12 year)

We received over 50 equipes allready, and extended the registration deadline to the 12th of April so that we can finalize all preparations based on the exact number of attendees.

What do you need to do to register?

  1. Register with us via the button in the top right corner
  2. Book the campsite via De Jerden and mention you’re visiting the GD’24 (we will NOT book the campsite for you), or alternatively book your own accomodation elsewhere