The GD2022 event will take place in the county of Noord Brabant, at a campsite situated in Boxtel. The dates are set from thursday May 19th till monday May 23rd.

We’ll expect that we’ll be able to host the GD2022, however we know from the Covid-years that nothing is 100% certain. In case the event is updated or changed radically we’ll reach out to all who’ve registered via site or email.

The prices for the event are being set right now. We’ll ask you to complete the payment on arrival at the event. Based on your registration you’ll receive a confirmation email as well as the amount due.

1. GD2022 Event admission and information package
€ 25.00per registration (1 package per registration)
2a. Pitch at the campsite (suitable for campervan, caravan or tent) incl admission to the event
€ 12.50per person, per night (from 12 years and older)
€ 0.00per person, per night (age under 12 year)
2b. Admission fee for the campsite, in case you arrange your own accomodation somewhere else
€ 3.50per person, per day (from 12 years and older)
€ 0.00per person, per day (age under 12 year)
3. Dinners
€ 20.00Buffet per person (from 12 years and older)
€ 0.00Buffet per person (age under 12 year)
€ 20.00BBQ per person (from 12 years and older)
€ 0.00BBQ per person (age under 12 year)

Special costs
We’ve tried to collect all costs in above table and in the registration form, however in case of special requests it might be that additional fees are charged. For instance for bringing a four-legged friend the campsite charges 1.50 EUR/day

On 2022 Jan 1st, the official registration will be opened, please register before April 15th so that we’ve got the time to finalize all preparations based on the exact number of attendees.